Yacht Club Manager

A better way to manage your Yacht Club! Simple, easy, and straightforward member and club management.

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Customizable moorage maps that can easily be updated and changed when a member wants to move slips or drop their membership.


Let your members update and manage their own information. Members can update contact information, add themselves to waiting lists and view club information.


Easily send emails to your entire membership or a variety of groups. Email groups include member types, current slip holders or specific waiting lists.


Manage multiple waiting lists in one place! Customized waiting lists designed for your specific club needs. Members can easily view waiting lists and add/remove themselves from different waiting lists. Club staff can update and email members on each waiting lists.


Users can upload important club information including moorage agreements, insurance information, and other documents. Club managers can upload documents viewable by all members.


Share upcoming club events with your membership. A private place for members to view all upcoming club events.

Yacht Club Manager Software

Feature-rich and easy to use!

Moorage Maps & Waiting Lists

The moorage portion of Yacht Club Manager is one of the most important parts of our application. We know how complicated the wait list and moorage assignment process can be. We have simplified the entire process and made managing wait lists, and reassigning moorage slips easy!

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Email System

Easily send emails to a variety of members, want to send an email to those on the 24′ waiting list, no problem, just select that group and send. Want to send an email to all regular members no problem. There are a variety of categories within our email system that allows you to easily send out an email to your membership. Worried about sending an email to a past member? Once you remove them from the system or deactivate their account they will be removed from all email lists.

Member Management

No complicated spreadsheets, simply one place for all member information. Allow members access to maintain and update their own contact information. Members can also view a private club directory and view club officers and different committee information.

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Pre-Built Websites

ClubSoft offers pre-built websites designed specifically for Yacht Club or Marina. Drag and Drop functionality so you can easily customize for your organization.  

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Packages can be paid via check or ACH if invoicing works better for your organization. Please contact us if you wish to purchase through that method.

About Us

ClubSoft’s Yacht Club Manager was designed specifically with Yacht Clubs and Marinas in mind. This cloud-based software is robust, affordable, and easy to use. We understand that many yacht clubs and marinas have volunteers and limited staff, we’ve developed these tools to help make managing and running a yacht club and marina easy and simple. Our goal is to streamline the business end of yacht clubs and marinas so you can focus on your members and spend quality time on the water. We are dedicated to helping improve your member relations and simplify complicated processes within your club.

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